The first contact between Ariga Sensei and Portuguese Kenshi, 11th WKC Santa Clara, California

During the 11th World Kendo Championships in Santa Clara, California, Ariga Sensei met several Portuguese Kenshi and it was the start of long friendship. After several years of maintaining contact with Portuguese Kenshi and learning of their strugles in developing Kendo in Portugal, Ariga Sensei took up the challenge of helping them by acepting an invitation from the Portuguese Kendo Association to lead a Kendo Seminar in Portugal, thus was born the International Ariga Seminar.

Every year since 2005 Ariga Sensei visits Portugal with several Sensei accompanying him for a great weekend of Kendo and friendship, we hope to count on you to join us!

In 2017 the XIII International Ariga Seminar will be held in the 28-29th of October in Lisbon.

The following Sensei will be present at the XIII International Ariga Seminar:

8th Dan Kyoshi Kendo & Iaido – Tomoharu Ito Sensei
8th Dan Kyoshi – Takeshi Ishii Sensei
7th Dan Kyoshi – Mikko Salonen Sensei
7th Dan Kyoshi – Emilio Gomez Sensei
7th Dan Kyoshi – Atsushi Fujimoto Sensei

7th Dan Renshi – Alain Ducarme Sensei
7th Dan – António Gutierrez Sensei

7th Dan Kyoshi – Taro Ariga Sensei