The 13th edition of the International Ariga Seminar took place in the city of Lisbon from 28th to 29th of October 2017.
It was a special edition with the participation of a splendid Sensei delegation.

Sensei present at the XIII International Ariga Seminar:

Tomoharu Ito (Kendo & Iaido Kyoshi 8th Dan)

Takeshi Ishii (Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan)

Taro Ariga (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)

Emilio Gomez (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)

Atsushi Fujimoto (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)

Mikko Salonen (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan)

Alain Ducarme (Kendo Renshi 7th Dan)

António Gutierrez (Kendo 7th Dan)